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Andrew Escamila

Interior Designer
Great establishment. Food is remarkable!! The staff is always available and quick to assist with removing your plates and refill your beverages. The prices are very reasonable and the food selection is awesome! If you have not experienced an authentic Indian restaurant please take the time to try this place… you will love it!!

Nicola Darlings Middelton


WOW, does that word give this place justice? No, honestly I am a big fan of Asian food and during this pandemic time I was not sure if we should even have or order takeout. So glad we did! The food was spectacular and I can’t highly recommend this place more! They were very health conscious and with this pandemic that matters to me most. Definitely recommended!


Nisha G

We hired Aroma for catering all three of our events – sangeet, Wedding, reception. Aroma (Deep Singh) did a fabulous job. I mean the food is seriously on point – chole, saag paneer, chicken tikka masala, DaaL makhni, shrimp tandoori, everything was great.

It was very pleasant dealing with him. Having said that, Deep has been in the business so long I think he is equipped to handle the bridezillas and the pressures of these kinds of events.

I would hire Deep Singh & His Team in a heartbeat because Aroma’s food and presentation is absolutely amazing. This is Indian food that is made with love! Authentic Punjabi Food.

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We Are Closed On All Mondays. Lunch Special Menu Is Only For Carry Out And Available From Tuesday-Saturday (11:00AM-05:00 PM)